Hope for the Future

Want to know why I don't think our future is bleak? Why I'm not stockpiling for the apocalypse?Because of kids like this:


Nobody can decide what you will do, except for you.

That's wisdom from the back patio. The kind you can only get when you spend a little of your day watching ants crawl around.

I've said it before but it bears repeating. My sons (5 and 3 1/2) don't hate. They aren't racist or sexist or prejudiced against any religion or ethnicity. We'd have to teach them that. And Lord knows we're all good at teaching hate. And mistrust. It's perhaps the thing we're best at passing on.

It doesn't have to be that way. And increasingly, it seems, that it's not that way. The generational gap on the question of Marriage Equality is a great example of this. Young people (conservative and liberal alike) do not see Same-Sex Marriage as a divisive issue. They see it as a simple matter of Civil Liberties (mostly).

I see the ways in which my father (66 this year) is more hospitable and understanding than his father's generation. Then I see the progress my generation has made from there. My children are already smarter, more loving and accepting than I am. How do people get so caught up in the forecasts of doom?

Someday, our children will inherit the Earth (and the quest to find what's beyond it), as long as we don't destroy it now that we're beginning to take our turn at the helm I have no doubt that our childrens' childrens' future will be as limitless as the kid philosopher's imagination and curiosity.