My Next New Car and the Electric Revolution

tesla-model-x_100381832_mI bought a new car in September. My plan is to pay for that car over the next 5 years and then get a new one. A totally new one, I hope.One from Tesla, if I have my druthers.

Other than Apple, they are one of the most interesting companies for me currently. They're at the forefront of what seems to be the next big industrial revolution as we move our transportation to electric instead of fossil fuels.

Why do I want a Tesla? Because I'll be able to charge it quickly and for free at any of the Supercharger stations. Because without the moving parts of a conventional gasoline engine, it may last me for decades and 500,000 miles or more.  Because just like my smartphone, it'll be net connected and will receive updates and new features for years to come. Because with all of the cruft of a conventional gas vehicle removed, there's room for 7 adults in even the coupe. But more than any other reason because I want to invest in Elon Musk.

He's been described as the next Steve Jobs, the Henry Ford of the electric car and even as the DaVinci of the modern world. This is a man who's barely 40 but has already founded PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla. PayPal earned him a fortune, Tesla earned him notoriety and fame and SpaceX may earn him the galaxy as they're on the bleeding edge of space exploration and are currently the taxi cab for NASA and the International Space Station.

Oh, and he's invented a whole new mode of transportation. One that will be a tenth as expensive and many times faster than high-speed rails. Hyperlooping. This guy is a genius.

And if the good Lord's willing and the creek doesn't rise (so to speak) I'll be cruising in a vehicle designed and produced by his company in just 5 short years.