Your Normal Is Not Everyone's Normal

Check out this great article detailing the differences between Twitter and the rest of America.Reading this made me think of an oft-quoted saying of my boss' (though he probably didn't coin it, he's the one that taught me) "You are not your audience." As a broadcaster, what tickles my funny bone or fancy has almost nothing to do with what my audience is looking for. I am an employee of a large mainstream country station. I am not our primary demographic.

So I can't sell to myself and expect to have success there.

As the article and graphs show, that's true on the web as well. We, those huddled around the light of the tweets or blogosphere, are not the masses. But more accurately, we're not even each other. Each one of us has different fears or dreams, goals or hang-ups that separate us.

Your normal is not everyone's normal. You've got to remind yourself of that. Every time you read a Facebook post and immediately look for the "unfriend" button. Or when someone cuts you off in traffic. Or when someone leads a lifestyle you can't even imagine. Or someone says something about an entire race or gender or group of people without really knowing anything about them.

Your normal is not everyone's normal.

Remind yourself of that, then take a deep breath and try to love them anyway. And start talking about your normal. Tell other people where you are and how you feel. They'll be less likely to trample over you or your feelings.

Your normal is not everyone's normal.

Remind yourself of that, then start trying to picture other people's normal. Walk in their shoes when you can, learn about different cultures or philosophies when you can't actually travel their roads. Know that everyone is equal but that no one's experience is.

Your normal is not everyone's normal. And that's perfectly normal.