No, we don't call it a Tinkle...

No, we don't call it a tinkle. We call it a poke. -- Deuce, (correcting me on the naming of his penis.)

When you raise your kids in a co-parenting situation, as I do with my ex-wife, there are occasional hiccups. We've already crossed the "what do we call our penis'" bridge before and I thought, for Deuce, for now, we had settled on tinkle.

I wasn't in love with it, but it is what it is. Before he's using it for anything else, I'll straighten him out on the terminology.

But last night, as I'm suggesting he shouldn't grab it quite so much unless he needs to use the bathroom, I have apparently missed the name change. Years from now I will explain to him all the many reasons why we don't (thought it may seem an appropriate title) call it a poke. For now, let's just return to the simple, clinical, correct, penis.