Robert Reich on Showdown Fatigue

Others have bought the Republican-Fox News lies that the deficit is our biggest economic problem, and government spending is to blame. So a massive, abrupt, and indiscriminate cut in spending seems okay.It’s not okay. It will hurt the most vulnerable members of our society, and much of the middle class.

Robert Reich isn't always right, but he's quite right here. There's another showdown coming between the "Stall everything that isn't about stopping Gay Marriage" Republicans and the President. If I was going to nickname him, it would probably have something to do with cow-towing to the Republicans even though the polls are in his favor, or desperately wanting everyone else to like him. Whatever you want to call the two parties here, it's a serious issue. The deficit should and could be lowered, but gutting domestic spending and aid to the lower and middle class is not the way to go about it.

Our economy has barely even begun to recover and this would set us back farther than most people imagine.