My Little Big Sister

Brother and SeesterI've got a great family, for those that don't know. And of all the crazy cast of characters in my extended clan, my baby sister may be my favorite. She was one of my first friends and accomplices, joining me on more than a few childhood adventures and at least occasionally taking the blame for my hijinks. Even when we were small it was often hard for me to keep straight who was the mastermind and who was the henchman. In truth, I didn't worry about it too much. When she was the boss, she was a pretty good one.She's also a pretty great role model. She's earned her Bachelor's degree and her Master's, bought a house several years ago and just this New Year's Eve got married to a great guy that I'm proud to call my Brother-in-Law.

She's a nice measuring stick, and a reminder that just being funny and having beautiful children can't make me the favorite child forever. And today, she turns 29, which I'm sure she'll now celebrate for the next decade or so.

Happy birthday, Jena. I hope you have a great day, and a wonderful year as you exit your 20's (or enjoy them indefinitely, whatever floats your boat). I love you, respect you and look up to you more than I'll ever likely admit in person. Congratulations on your marriage and your accomplishments. You should know that Big Little Brother is, always has been and always will be very proud of you!