The iPad Mini: My New Best Friend

This is my iPad, there are (mini) like it, but this one is mine.

I ordered the iPad mini for the kids, but decided to try it as my primary machine and see if it could suffice. It’s handled that, and more. I’ve edited podcasts, written emails and blog posts, kept my calendar and check book in order, accessed my home and work computers, managed Facebook pages and more. It’s the most enjoyable computing device I’ve ever used.

It goes more places with less fuss than any piece of tech I’ve owned, other than my iPhone. But the iPad (yes, even the mini) is much more practical for “real” computing than the iPhone. It has replaced any desire or need for a laptop, or an eReader (which the full-size iPad, couldnt do because of weight and size.

I love it, in a way I never loved the full-size iPad. That device is amazing, this one is magical. In a year. or two, whenever Apple finds it possible to squeeze a retina screen into the mini, it’ll be perfect.

If you’ve thought about an iPad in the past, get to an Apple store, or Best Buy and put one of these in your hands. You may be like me, unable (or at least unwilling) to put it down.

Oh, and don’t worry, the kids are still getting an iPad mini, just not mine.