Almost a Week with iOS 6

So, last week for Stevesmas I loaded up the Apple iOS Dev Center site and upgraded my iPad and iPhone to iOS 6. Here’s my favorite things about it so far and why you’ll want to get thee to the Wifi tomorrow to upgrade yourself.

1. Turn by Turn direction with Voice - Maps is significantly improved from a UI standpoint. The search is limited currently, because of the transition from Google, but if you’ve got an address, it’ll get you there with a pleasant voice, appealing graphics and easy to read signs. It’s all free and all built in. Love.

2. No entering your iTunes password when updating apps for free. It’s more delightful than you can possibly know. Love.

3. Apps that have been downloaded but not opened get a “New” banner across their top right corner. It’s nice, and consistent with the way iBooks has worked for new books since it’s launch. Like.

4. Tweet and Facebook status from notification center. Or with Siri! - Siri, update my Facebook status and make everyone jealous that I have iOS 6. (I already did this last week, but you people are all about to get it, so I needed to do it one more time). Love.

5. Siri’s now in control. Open apps, search athletes, game scores, movie info or actor bio’s all with your voice. It’s fast, it’s accurate and it’s fun. Win more bar bets. Love.

6. It’s free. Say what you want about Apple’s growing cash pile, and their ability to make your recently brand-new gadgets feel old when they launch the new one, but every year like clockwork all my old gadgets get new features. Name another company that has done it this consistently and for free over the last five years. There’s not one. And that’s why Apple is trading over $700 a share this morning.