Fred Clark (The Slacktivist is my new favorite Christian writer. Squashed is my new favorite Political writer. He’s been defending English majors for the last few years, but this chart (and his argument) would hold up for almost all Liberal Arts majors. I’m a Theatre and Political Science Major who works as a DJ, Social Media Director and personally pursue writing and podcasting. My degree (and more accurately, my education) prepared me for this life as well as any could have.


For those who appreciate the liberal arts and those who appreciate beautiful data visualization, I wanted to share this information on how college majors related to career path for 15,600 alums from my college.1 The image above is the data on where English majors wound up. As you can see, there really isn’t a pattern. The majors are more-or-less evenly distributed across all sectors of the economy.

This pattern held for most of the liberal arts majors. There were a few predictable concentrations. Pre-med majors like Biology and Chemistry tended to end up in medicine. Computer Science majors tended disproportionately ended up in technology. Econ Majors frequently chose lame professions.

The whole theory of the liberal arts major is that it will help you be better at whatever you end up doing. It’s like weight-training for your brain. Even if you don’t take up power-lifting, you’ll be stronger and better wherever you end up.

  1. Results may not be typical. I went to school with some unusual people.