God is not man writ large,” Karl Barth said, but we are always tempted to think of God in exactly those terms — as a man writ extremely large, bipedal, bearded, robed, sandaled and tossing a thunderbolt down from Olympus.
That leads us astray in our thinking about God and in our attempts to understand God. It leads us astray in ways that we will not be able to see until we begin to cure ourselves of the habit.

In the future, you should just subscribe to everything Fred Clark writes and just assume that I think it’s good.

Anytime I get into a discussion with a Christian that thinks I’m too liberal and misunderstand the scripture, I quickly realize that this is the issue. Not that they think of God as a big man in a robe with sandals, but that they are “constructing” God in their heads. Conceiving of the Being we are endeavoring to discuss and discern the will of.

You can’t do that. Anymore than we can grasp the infinite or even truly understand our smallness in the scope of the cosmos as we see further and further into it. It’s just too big to hold in our minds. So is God.

Fred sums his article up well, I’ll steal it here to do the same with mine.

We cannot know all there is to know about God. But I believe that we can know all that we need to know about God.