Things That Made Me Angry on Facebook Today.

It’s been a long day. I worked hard (and I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always). I did business, man’s business. I helped my ex-wife (father’s business) move furniture. I recorded a new episode of this little show I do (artist’s work). I get home, I get settled, I check the Facebook and this is there. “Pastor Orders His Flock to Beat Gay Couple Arriving at Church. “

Go on, read it. I’ll wait.

You done? Okay then.

Unless it turns out that the “Pastor” had lied to his son and suggested that the congregation was going to welcome them, I’d say the boys shouldn’t have gone to (what I’m sure they expected to be) such a hateful church. Everyone has a right to seek the Lord, and any true house of worship would welcome a person where they are (even if the congregation holds the lifestyle to be a sin). Having said all that, I don’t go where I know I’m not wanted.

So, that’s my advice for the boys. You shouldn’t court fights, because Christ does command us to turn the other cheek and bear it. BUT, don’t read any of the above and think I’m going to play blame the victim. There is a special place in Hell (and I’m not even a guy who believes in a fiery pit and a horned adversary) for people who wear the robe or hold an office in the name of Jesus Christ and enact such violence, hatred and disease upon others. That goes for the ones that preach piety and prosperity and cash fat checks off the pensions of grandmothers and the grocery bills of minimum wage workers too.

False prophets, preachers and “pastors” get an especially hot fire, I think that’s pretty plain in every Holy text throughout the history of mankind.

In other words. “Bless his little heart.”