The point is this: Douglas Wilson is a liar and an unprincipled hack. And it’s important that we say so, publicly, not because we want to be rude or argumentative or judgmental, but because lying hacks who also happen to be outspokenly Christian are bad advertising. We want as many people as possible who come across Wilson’s work to know that he doesn’t speak for Christians. So it is nauseating, then, to watch that video I linked to the other day and see John Piper praising Douglas Wilson because he “gets the gospel.” No, he doesn’t get it. No, I’ve never read any of his theological books and I don’t need to. If you “get the gospel,” your circle of empathy and moral concern begins to extend beyond white males. Wilson’s not there yet. If you “get the gospel,” you try to stop being a lying hack. Of course, as Christians we all experience our daily failures to get the gospel and truly live it out as we should. But most of us have some awareness of those failures and are trying to do better. It is another thing entirely to proudly publish, and defend for years, works of lies that espouse ideas contrary to the gospel.Jesse Curtis on Lying Liars and their Lies.