From a Facebook Thread, Comes My Official Stance

I wrote the below on my Facebook page, as about the umpteenth comment in a thread I started this morning by posting a great article from Fred Clark (read it). It was too good to lose to the Timeline. So, herein lies my response to the idea that

Marriage is a holy union, designated by God as a relationship between a man and a woman. To allow any other relationship to be designated as such would devalue the institution itself.

Ok. You and I both own X-Boxes (in this scenario). You pay for XBox Live, you play a ton of games and use their streaming services, share with your friends and keep your batteries charged.

I have only the game I bought with the XBox. I don’t know how to sign up for XBox Live, I don’t even put batteries in my controllers and I don’t allow anyone to “play” with me. I may be doing it “wrong” but that doesn’t devalue or belittle what you’re doing.

Better and more direct example: I start a church. I call it First Church of Jesus Christ. We sing “hymns” (old Zeppelin tunes), have “baptisms” (for cats) and meet twice monthly on “the sabbath” (the 10th and 15th of every month, that’s based on my interpretation of the holy scriptures). I tell everyone that we’re a “Christian church”. Advertise as such. Try to join Christian inter-faith organizations etc.

I may (in this scenario) be doing Christianity “wrong”, but it doesn’t make YOU any less Christian.

If the above is your definition of marriage (or more broadly, your FAITH’s definition) that’s fine. Someone else doing it differently doesn’t change what it means for you.

If you really feel this way (and I’ve suggested as much to other conservative Christian friends) you should be calling for a complete repeal of marriage laws nationwide. If “marriage” is a relationship that only sober-minded straight Christians can enter, then we shouldn’t allow the Clerk of Court to issue the licenses.

Let everyone do it or no one can. That’s the way “Equal Rights” work.