When the random little old lady down the street that you’re friends with on Facebook posts an erroneous quote or an incorrect fact or figure, that’s just par for the course. People are more interested in “joining the conversation”/”having their voices heard” than they are in saying something that’s worthwhile, interesting or true.

When it’s just “people” that’s fine. When it’s an organization that purports to help educate the public and direct the conversation we’re all having about the Government we want/need/will have, it’s unacceptable. Shame, Heritage Foundation, shame. Thanks for pointing out the CRAP, Squashed.


Heritage, remember when you posted a quote by Fake Lincoln and then quietly took it down after I called you on it?

Could you do the same thing for this Fake Jefferson Quote?

From the Monticello site on spurious Jefferson quotations

This quotation has never been found in Jefferson’s papers in its above form, but it is most likely a paraphrase of Jefferson’s statement in Notes on the State of Virginia, “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.

Seriously. Google it or GTFO. You are making your followers stupider.1

  1. I know. This is a bit harsh. I was a lot more gracious the first time this happened.