Go Pro, Young Man

Ten weeks ago, I texted my buddy at about 11pm one night and said, ‘We should do a podcast, call it “Two Guys, One Podcast.” and intro the show with ‘I’m one guy.’ (‘I’m the other.’) ‘And this is the podcast.’

He sent me back a ‘Hahaha. That’s pretty good.’ To which I responded, ‘Let’s record tomorrow night.’

He showed up, we recorded, I edited and that Sunday morning, we were live with our first episode. I cannot say enough how helpful this post was. I knew there was an easy and (most importantly) free way to get into Podcasting, and @slim helped explain it to me.

Fast forward a few weeks. I’m still unable to get iTunes to accept my feed (which means that it’s just a little harder for people to find us), I’m having to guesstimate our listeners since the stat tracking with my hand-rolled solution is less than perfect. That’s fine if it’s just a hobby. But I never felt that way about it. To me, it was just an extension of my job in radio, my interest in and desire to work as a writer and my general creative bent. This was/is my next big creative outlet. I was/am taking it seriously, and that meant that we should at least consider professional hosting. Again, @slim was helpful.

Libsyn.com is now our hosting provider. They’ve currently got Episode 3-9 on their servers, and Episodes 1 and 2 will be up there within the next couple of weeks. For us, this means a much moreĀ  direct process for uploading and sharing the episodes. For you, it means you can find our show pretty much anywhere you want to. iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, Tumblr, or by downloading directly from the links on our blog page.

However our show fits your life, we want to be there. No downtime, no workarounds, just simple access to funny stuff. That’s what pro-hosting means for you. For us, it means we’ve got skin in the game now. Our money (though not a lot of it, thankfully) is on the line. That’s a reminder to us that this is an endeavor worth giving our best effort. You keep listening and writing in, we’ll keep recording and posting.

I’m one guy, and this is our podcast.