But here’s the realization, that I’ve finally and only recently come around to. Every government program doesn’t mean that money has been “essentially tak(en) from someone who worked for it.” It might have been given. Freely, gladly. Will some people be mad about taxes? Yes. Will those same people be glad to use the government services or programs? Almost definitely.

When the majority decides that we can collectively do a thing better than separately, I don’t think everyone will begrudgingly pay for it. We need healthcare reform because people are drowning without the help. We have thus far proven that we cannot fix this problem individually. I’m okay with taking a swing at collectively. If it works, great. Millions will be better off than before. If it doesn’t, we elect a whole new set of leaders every four years. Throw the bums out and start over. I’ll gladly pony up my piece to see if we can make this work.

Except my governor says I can’t, because he knows better than I do. Ass. 


Referring to free healthcare, welfare, generally anything subsidized by the government. Think twice when the government is willing to give u something for free, they’re essentially taking it from someone who worked for it. Free means taken from someone else, redistributing wealth, socialism. Is you’re about liberty chances are you’re a undercover libertarian. (Taken with Instagram)