Windows Phone 8 handsets are getting an 18 month pledge of firmware support. That simply doesn’t exist with Apple or Android. - Sam Biddle “GizmodoWHAT?

On what planet are we supposed to accept a pledge of future compatibility from Microsoft who has JUST REPEATED their abandoning of a whole generation of Windows Phones for “the future of the Operating System”?

Also, while Apple doesn’t “Guarantee” future compatibility, they’re now going on their 4th year of new software for the iPhone 3GS and when iOS 6 launches with compatibility for the iPad 2, it will have been in consumers hands (unlike these mythical Windows phones with ever-lasting updates) for more than 17 months (since iOS 6 is due to launch “this fall”).

Does Apple bring out a new device every year that makes us drool and immediately want to replace our old ones? Yes. Are they fairly ruthless about cutting support for slow and aging hardware to keep from dragging down capabilities of the OS (and encourage upgrades)? Yes. But they support their old devices for as long as most people tend to use them.

This is better than Android phones (I have no idea what happens with Android tablets) and yes, better so far than Windows Phones. Perhaps Microsoft can right this, but let’s stop giving them praise for what they haven’t done.