Context for Last Night's Performance

In an elimination game on the road, in the most historic (or 2nd-most historic, depending on which coast you were born nearest) NBA city, LeBron James scored 45 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, dished 5 assists all in 44 consecutive minutes of play.

The last time ANYONE (including people named Magic, Michael, Kareem, Hakeem, Bird, Isiah, Shaq, Dirk, Wade, Kobe or even Durant) had comparable numbers in a playoff game was Wilt Chamberlain in 1964. Almost 48 years has passed since someone’s performed like that. Before Wilt, it had NEVER BEEN DONE.

Any discussion about “clutch” or “when it counts” or “finishing” is now nonsense. You’re just hating at this point. And no one likes a hater.

LeBron James did something only one man has done before. A man that is universally recognized as an athletic phenom and one of the greatest that ever played the game. That title now belongs, win or lose Saturday night, to James as well.