Lebron's Big Moment

This is it. It’s not tomorrow, or next season or in a while. Miami has to win tonight and for that to happen, Lebron has to be special.

I’ve watched Lebron since before he was a pro. He’s literally grown up before our eyes. He is special. He’s flawed, he’s less than the stars we want him to be because he’s more than any one of them was. He’s different and because of it (and the attitude he’s carried over the years) we hold him to a different standard. If he’s ever to shake off some of the negative funk that surrounds and pervades his legacy already, he must make a difference here. Now. Tonight. Finish the Celtics descent into old age. Crush the city if Boston’s spirit tonight and give yourself a chance in Game 7.

Losing to the Thunder would be disappointing, it would probably mean a drastic shift in the team. Losing to a Boston team they’ve already supposed to have overcome will mean something for Lebron long term. It’s do or die.