100 Tumbls

Well, that was fast.

This is my 100th post since I re-joined Tumblr in March. Just over 2 months and a ton more posts than I’d written in the previous six months. Tumblr works, for I want out of it anyway.

I wanted to write more. To comment on things I found interesting, inspiring or infuriating without adding to the “Noise” of internet comments. You can come here, read what I think about something and then link and comment on your own platform. I love that about Tumblr.

Since March, I’ve also started this podcast thingie, Two Guys, One Podcast. and Tumblr is a big reason that’s possible too.

So, thanks for those that read this jibber jabber, thanks for the Tumblr gremlins that make the interwebs work and thanks for my employer who continues to sign my checks (and keep the power on).

Here’s to 100 more, right?