Post-Partisan Christians & Other Nonsense Titles

David French wrote an article yesterday that ticked me off, and this is my blog, so I’m going to answer him here.Dear David French,

You’re smug. Self-absorbed and self-important. Your tale of youthful rebellion and eventual assimilation is (I assume) supposed to show these young rapscallions daring to call themselves “Christians” while not following your political marching orders, that you’re “one of them”, or maybe just that these thoughts of independence and personal responsibility/conscience are just symptoms of puberty like acne and awkward growth spurts. Eventually, all these “fed-up idealists” will come to their senses and get back in line with the rest of the good Christians.

You’re wrong, David. Dissenters and revolutionaries are exactly what Christians are, and “lining up” is not in the playbook. You know what, you’re not going to listen to this. I’ll just talk to the rapscallions for the rest of this.

Christianity is an amazingly personal faith. We believe (and yes, I’m a Christian) that all humanity has the spirit of God within us. Not a picture of God, not a copy of the outline, not an idea about God, but the SPIRIT of God.

Further, we believe that by recognizing the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and accepting it for yourself, our naturally occurring spirit of God is reinforced and strengthened by actual communion with our Deity. God, in us. That’s Christianity. If God is within me, why would I ever subsume my own determinations (with research, prayer, consideration etc) on an issue to defer to someone else? But this is exactly what this article (and most “Let me talk to those young people” posts from elder members of the Religious Right) purports to do.

You’re wrong, young Christian, when you believe that there might be room for Homosexual marriage. You’re wrong when you say that perhaps it’s not your place to force that young girl to have a baby she doesn’t want. That’s what David French is saying. You’re well-meaning and we love the enthusiasm, but leave all that “thinking” to the grown-ups.

Christians are not a tribe. We aren’t a Republic either. There is a “Body of Christ” but there are no membership dues, and we don’t hold elections. David French doesn’t speak for me, and just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that he has to speak for you either.

There is no Post-Partisan Christian. There was never a Partisan Christian. You can be a Republican Christian, she can be a Democrat Christian and I can be a Libertarian Christian. Because Politics isn’t religion and religion isn’t faith.

There is ONE guy that pretty much any Christian will tell you they’d take marching orders from, but He’s not writing blog entries or tweeting, and He’s never (that I know of) officially endorsed a party or candidate.

So, young Christian, what should you do? Read your Bible, pray, meditate, THINK and decide for yourself how Christ wants you to live your life. Then do it, and don’t presume to tell the guy next to you he’s doing it wrong. That’s His job, not yours.

And no, David French, you’re not the “He”.