The 4-Inch Display

I bought the iPhone 3G the day that it launched. Waited in line and purchased. The 3GS, I skipped as I wasn’t due for an upgrade yet (and the argument with the wife after the purchase of the 3G was enough to slow me even if I had been eligible)

I was in line day one for the 4 (eligibility, reselling my old phone, and no wife to argue with anymore made me more flexible). The 4S I ordered online, thinking that now I’d switch back to two year upgrade cycles, sticking with the “refined” iPhone model instead of the new design iPhone, so I figured I’d skip the iPhone 5 (or whatever they call it), especially since LTE is not available currently from my provider in my area, and I don’t intend to switch carriers.

But if they come out with a four inch screen, and I’m eligible, I’ll upgrade. No questions. I’m excited about the possibilities. 


John Gruber, elaborating on the previously linked 9to5Mac report:

First, at 1136 × 640, you get a diagonal of 1,303.877 pixels after applying the Pythagorean theorem. There are no such thing as fractional pixels, but what I’m talking about here are pixels as a unit of length, equal to 1/326 inch. Divide 1,303.877 by 326 and you get 3.9996 inches. Boom, a “4-inch” display.

If Apple does indeed change the screen — which is looking increasingly likely — this thing is going to make the last few iPhone launches look very meek. There will be none in the “but it looks the same as the last one” camp. Everyone will want to upgrade.

And if they add LTE as well…

The 4-Inch Display