The Avengers

My 140 character review: 

Whedon does unimaginable, brings comics to screen. All solid but, Loki & Hulk steal the show. Tell me they filmed sequal already? #avengers

Now, here’s the spoiler free lengthier version:

If you’ve enjoyed “The Incredible Hulk,” either “Iron Man” film, “Thor” or “Captain America” over the last few summers, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to miss this one. The notes that play well in the “prequels” are pretty much all here. Every hero gets a shining moment, and a lot of seeds planted in the earlier films are finally sprouting in Whedon’s movie.

If you’ve read any reviews already, you’ve heard that Loki and the Hulk are highlights (I even give it away in my 140 character review) and it’s true, but no one is slighted. Tony Stark is still the guy from the two movies with his name on them, brilliant, hilarious, more than a bit of a jerk. Thor is the demi-god with the twisted little brother (adopted). Captain America is a man too good to believe a lifetime ago, transported into an era he can barely comprehend, and determined that it’s all still worth fighting for. Bruce Banner is one of the world’s best minds with a habit of turning into a giant green rage monster from time to time.

And they’re all together. The joy of it is hard to comprehend, if comic books aren’t your thing. But if you take the leap and venture out to a movie theater in the next couple of weekends to see this, while the geeks still go in droves, and the kids pack the seats up front and “ooh“‘s and “ah“‘s can be heard from time to time, you’ll probably find yourself smiling like a nine-year old, wide-eyed kid reading the funny papers and dreaming of being a superhero.

Joss Whedon has brought joy to the superhero genre. Don’t miss it on the big screen.