Meet a Friend of Mine, In Need of a Little Cheer

You should read the great post by the much more talented writer above if you’re in a hurry, but if not, allow me to introduce:

Mel. That’s how I’ve always thought of her anyway. Melissa and I aren’t really friends. We don’t “get together.” Our kids don’t even play together. We crossed paths for a few months about a decade ago, and because of the internet, have remained a part of each other’s lives.

Both writers, we’ve played voyeur, cheerleader and critic (at least I think we have, maybe, she didn’t notice me as much) over the last few years as we document our lives on Facebook and blogs and photo galleries.

Melissa is one of the best people I “know”. A mother, daughter, wife, friend (irl and online) and a devout Christian. She doesn’t bash or criticize with her faith. She doesn’t alienate and divide or proclaim her piety from the hilltops. She just lives it. Even when she’s having a bad time. To quote the song, there’s a picture of Jesus.

Mel is having a bad time right now. If you’ve had time to read this non-sense, please read her good sense. Read it and help, if you can. Even if it’ s just letting her know that others are thinking of her, and waiting to hear how well she comes through all this, and read the stories it’ll give birth to.

Godspeed, Melissa. We’re “listening”.

Meet a Friend of Mine, In Need of a Little Cheer