Squashed: The Black Knight Candidate

First, getting replied to/quoted by you made me happy. You’re a big reason I made a Tumblr this time around at all. Always enjoy your posts even when I don’t entirely agree with them.

As to switching sides and joining another party’s campaign, it’s too early. Will I vote for another party if my option with the Republicans is Romney? Yes. Would I rather have a candidate that more accurately reflects my political beliefs? Most definitely. So, as long as there’s a chance I can have that (or even showcase in a major way the desire within the party for SOME OTHER OPTION), it’s a goal worth striving for.

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t LIKELY that the rebels could bring down the Galactic Empire, even with a scruffy-looking smuggler, an old wizard and a whiny farmboy, but it was worth trying.

And, cue the Rand Paul Power Converters memes.


‘Tis but a scratch!

I recently asked whether Paul’s supporters seriously thought he had a chance at an upset win at the Republican convention. Surely, I had thought, they see the writing on the wall. I assumed the continued campaigning was more about promoting the message and keeping enthusiasm…

Squashed: The Black Knight Candidate