Bing Cleans Up

I switched three months ago to a email address from Gmail. I’d already switched to iCloud for calendar and contact syncing out of frustration with Google’s services. After the switch to unify browsing histories etc. across all their platforms and the ensuing downgrade in the functional and aestetic qualities of their webapps, I just ditched them altogether. Bing is now my default search engine on all my browsers. I haven’t missed them. Youtube still works fine when it’s the only Google service you ever log into.


Josh Constine:

While Google keeps cramming its search results pages full of tools and social content, today Bing confirmed with me the full roll out a redesigned search results page that completely clears the left sidebar, and replaces the tabbed header with a cleaner set of links. Bing Facebook integration is also more subtle now, instead of plastering names and faces beneath Liked results.

This more relaxing, dare I say zen, design gives Google a more claustrophobic and exhausting feel by comparison.

Bing now looks so much better. And smart.

Bing Cleans Up