Farewell to Google

My love for Gmail could hardly have been overstated just a year ago. I used Google Calendar (religiously, proseltyzing to family and friends on the benefits of the web-centered to-do list and events management), Google Reader, Gmail, Voice, Docs and Google+ (when it launched, I was ecstatic).

Since then, they’ve taken step after step to alienate their former fans and terrify those that enjoy and treasure their privacy. They have adopted poor design measures and diluted their products all while trampling on their company ethos of not being evil.

Bah, humbug. I’m done with ‘em. I used my Gmail address and it’s connected services so singularly and broadly over the last half decade, it’ll take me a year or so to be able to turn the spigot off completely. I continue to use Google Reader, but only as a backend syncing solution for my RSS reader apps.

It’s not that I’m unwilling to give them another chance in the future, but my dissatisfaction as a consumer is so thorough that I’ve even switched my default search engines to Bing. That’s right, I’ve chosen Microsoft over Google. For now, I am making a clean and complete break from the big G.

I hope our paths cross again in the future on better terms. 


Cool, I love data. But what kind of nonsense tool is this? You have to open a new Google Doc Spreadsheet, then find the menu item to install a tool, then find the right script. 


Even after I did all that, it just hung on “installing” for 30 minutes.

As one friend said to me, “I am convinced the Gmail team is purposefully baiting you here.”

It worked!

As an aside, the Gmail Blog look and functionality remains horribly craptastic. 

Update: As Matthew Panzarino points out, this tool isn’t actually made by Google, but rather by a “Google Apps Script Top Contributor”. Still not convinced they’re not trolling me here.

Farewell to Google