Goodbye, Steve

Marathon reading session last night and my inability to do anything other than lie down today have conspired to let me finish the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Big ups, by the way, to my two sons for staying in bed last night and being great nurses this morning. They've asked me about a dozen times 'How are you feeling, daddy?' It's fascinating for anyone who is interested in technology, design, business, psychology (or at least the psychology of driven individuals) or Apple.

It's also a great look at one man's answer to the question, "What matters?" I don't like all of Jobs answers, but he had given the question an awful lot of thought. In the facts of his life and in the story of their collection into Isaacson's book, what mattered most to Jobs is pretty clear. It's easy to put our heroes on pedestals, it's not always so pleasant to put them under the microscope. Jobs holds up well. Not perfect. Not exactly to be emulated, as if anyone could. But a man, responsible for great things, that in the end had to say 'goodbye' just like the rest of us.