Ten Songs I Wish I Had Written

For no real reason.

1. “Yesterday” - The Beatles (if you’re making an imaginary list, why not shoot for the moon)

2. “The Gardener” - The Tallest Man on Earth 

3. “Erase Me” - Kid Cudi (the most original thing to come out of hip-hop in decades. Also, one of the best pop songs written in my lifetime.

4. “F**** You” - Cee Lo Green (ditto)

5. “Trouble” - Ray LaMontagne

6. “Suzanne” - Leonard Cohen (although the Nina Simone version is my favorite)

7. “Bad Company” - Bad Company

8. “Dreams to Remember” - Otis Redding

9. “I am a Full Grown Man (I will Lay Lay Lay in the Grass All Day)" - Phosphorescent.

10. “This is a Man’s World” - James Brown