Here I Go Again on My Own

I'm in my living room. Typing this on my iPhone just a few minutes after Son #1 goes to bed. It's been true for a few days actually, but it really hasn't sunk in until tonight.

I live by myself again.

The brief experiment of living with my 18 year old nephew is over. No fault of his, he's a good kid and has been a fine roommate, but he'll have more fun living with people his own age. And I...I should live alone.

I began college with a roommate (like everyone else on the planet), my best friend, actually. He and I had a great first quarter, but it became obvious even within a few weeks that college wasn't the path for him. So he went his way and I went mine. Mine was to a big two bedroom townhouse shared with my best female friend, Amanda. Amanda was a good roommate. The situation was not, it was weird at that age living with the opposite sex (even when there was no sexual tension, although I don't know why. We're both really cute). Amanda wanted to move in with her best girlfriend, and frankly, I was excited about the possibility of having my own place.

And I did. For almost three years. I may be living in that apartment still, if I hadn't gotten a last minute summer theatre job in 2002. I had to break my lease to take it and was technically homeless for 3 months (I had housing at the theatre gig, just not a permanent address). So when my baby sister offered me a room in her new apartment in town, I took her up on it. We lived together until I married Ella and so it's been 8 years since I've lived alone (except for a brief stint after the separation and before the nephew moved in).

I love this apartment. I like the color of the walls, the way the vent in the bathroom and the a/c sound. I love the pool in the summer and the cold floors in the winter. This is my place. All mine, again. The extra bedroom now becomes a full-on little boys room (mom is raring at the opportunity to plan a bedroom) and the rest of the place is just a reflection of me. It feels comfortable. It feels like home.

Feel free to stop by anytime, Casa del Awesome is su casa too.