My Vet

Today is Veteran's Day. We (and I mean every woman, man and child in the United States) owe a great deal, more than we can ever repay to every man or woman that has ever put on a military uniform. I'd like to say a special thank you to Bart Pitchford, Jason Walker, Phillip Cagle, Hunter Sharpton and Richard Bennett. My friends (and in Hunter's case, my nephew) have done me and all of us proud by volunteering their time and lives to serve our country and defend us. Thank you to each of you and all those of you that may be reading this.

Thought it might be nice to highlight a few of the silly (and not so silly) pieces I've written about Richard in particular to commemorate this day. Hope you enjoy, and hug a vet if you get the chance (unless it's Richard, he doesn't really like physical interaction with other humans).

"Five Years in Iraq: One Idiot's Selfish Opinion" -- This is the day I decided I was against the Iraq war. Less silliness, more seriousness.

"Over...(read) Text by Text Message @trickydick" -- This is utter frivolity. It's a series of humorous little "smiley's" that Richard texted me one day. But, kind of perfect for recognizing what kind of people risk their neck for you and me.

Thanks again, Vets, and thanks especially to my Vet.