Today's Top Five: Things that Annoy Me...That I Kind of Love

5. Dust on Computer Monitors/TV screens - Is it a pain in the tucous that these screens that dominate our lives have to be cleaned almost weekly? Yes. It's not even super easy to clean them since you have to dampen a cloth, but not get it wet, rub in a certain fashion so as to not leave streaks etc. But, how satisfying is it when you get to watch something on a fresh, clean screen. The longer you've waited between cleanings, the more satisfactory it is.??

4. Condensation on a glass or cup - My father is a little maniacal about condensation. He wipes his cup or glass up and down while spinning the cup clockwise two or three times. He does it like this, everytime. I made fun of him for years. Then, suddenly, I was doing it too. Not ironically, but because I didn't want the condensation on my cup! Try it some time. Bet you'll like it too.

3. Our office coke machine - The Coke machine in our office is ancient. To say it's older than me would be a tremendous understatement and I'm breathing on the neck of 30. It doesn't take cash, let alone a debit card. Coins only. Nickels, dimes and quarters. Except that apparently the modern quarter (ie. one made after Nixon left office) doesn't weigh exactly the same as the old ones. So it generally spits them back out at you. This quickly turns into a game where you slam your quarter as hard as you can into the machine hoping that the force is enough to overcome the incorrect weight and therefore allow you to get your caffeine and carbonation on. It's like playing Plinko everytime you go get a coke. It's awesome.

2. Toothpaste gunk in the sink - It's sticky, it's pasty and after a few hours it turns into spackle that is almost impossible to remove from the porcelin. Why don't people just rinse this all down the sink immediately? Yet, everytime I complain about it, I also realize that I just keep right on cleaning it off myself and smiling as I view the freshly cleaned lavatory. I'm a weirdo, right?

1. Being Single - I am not a lone wolf. I am a proud pack animal. I need the herd for approval, affirmation, protection and I need to take care of other people. I'm a "problem solver" and I kind of blow up when I don't have other people's problems to solve. Being single sucks (for a million reasons) and I don't enjoy it. Traditionally, I haven't stayed that way very long. But, that first breathe of freedom after you really get over a breakup is delightful. It's full of possibilities and promise. Excitement and adventure. It's a very positive thing, a little hit of dopamine in the midst of the sadness. It's God's little "post relationship pick-me-up".