Love is a Muse: Dean Martin "Innamorata"


An (apparently) ongoing series exploring songs about love and the themes behind them. See the others here.

Love is a Muse

Here are the lyrics for "Innamorata" as sung by Dean Martin:

If our lips should meet Innamorata
Kiss me kiss me sweet Innamorata
Hold me close and say you're mine
With a love as warm as wine
I'm at heaven's door Innamorata
Want you more and more Innamorata
You're a symphony a very beautiful sonanta my Innamorata
Say that you're my sweetheart, my love

You're a symphony the very beautiful sonata my Innamorata
Say that you're my sweetheart, my one and only sweetheart
Say that you're my sweetheart, my love


Innamorata is an Italian word that translates roughly as "soulmate" "sweetheart" or "lover". I like to think that the writer is trying to convey all three at once here. "Innamorata" has always been one of my favorite songs by Dean Martin (who is definitely one of my favorite artists of all time). It feels good to say. It's sexy, it's short, which adds to its sweetness, I think. It's also chaste. There's no explicit descriptions or even any hints that things are going there. The singer speaks of kisses and lips, and that's about it. He's genuinely smitten, and the guys got a way with words about expressing it.

Listening to the song today, in the context of this exercise, the metaphors are what jump out at me. The guy has to stretch to describe his love. "Dear" doesn't cut it. He doesn't call her his "squeeze" or "woman." "Darling" or even "Lover" isn't good enough. He calls her "Innamorata". She is his sweetheart, his soulmate, his love. Oh, isn't that nice?

Her love is wine, she is a sonata and all he wants from her is a sweet kiss. Forget Red Bull, people, love gives you wings.

Key lesson: Foreign language and pillow talk are never strange bedfellows.