Love is an Escape Route: Willie Nelson "If You Show Me Yours"

For some reason, (honestly, for lots of reasons) three songs have been dominating my life lately. I thought it would be a good idea to examine each of them in the context of each other.

Love is lots of things. But I'm only gonna talk about three. Love is a Battlefield, Love is an Escape Route, and Love is a Haven.

Love is an Escape Route

Here are the lyrics for Kris Kristopherson's "You Show Me Yours (And I'll Show You Mine)"


If your feeling salty,then i'm your tequila/If you've got the freedom then i've got the time

There ain't nothing sweeter than naked emotions/So you show me yours and i'll show you mine

Now ma'am i know this ain't all that you've ever been used to/ You with your rings on your fingers and time on your hands

Sometimes it's nice to have somebody nice to be close to/ I know i've been there before you and i understand


I know that i'm not the answer to all of your questions/ Lord knows you know you wish you were the answer to mine

But darling if you ain't a thing but a change in direction/ God knows i know you'll be someone i'm lucky to find


So you show me yours and i'll show you mine.

This is an illicit affair. These two are currently involved with other people. The woman has "rings on (her) finger's" and "time on (her) hands". It is implied that her husband is too busy or too uninterested to spend anytime with her or attention on her. These people haven't been abused and driven insane like in Eminem's song, but they are almost as desperate for release from where they are in their current relationships.

Key lesson: This isn't where you wanna be here either. Love is a many splendored thing, but a new (and often temporary) love is not the way to get out of an old one.