Love is a Haven: Phosphorescent "Can I Sleep in Your Arms"

For some reason, (honestly, for lots of reasons) three songs have been dominating my life lately. I thought it would be a good idea to examine each of them in the context of each other.

Love is lots of things. But I'm only gonna talk about three. Love is a BattlefieldLove is an Escape Route, and Love is a Haven.

Love is a Haven

Here are the lyrics to Willie Nelson's "Can I Sleep in Your Arms":


Can I sleep in your arms, tonight, lady?

It's so cold lyin' here all alone.
An' I have no hold to hold on you.
An', I assure you, I'll do you no wrong.

Don't know why, but the one I love left me.

Left me lonely an' cold an' so weak.
And I need someone's arms to hold me.
Till I'm strong enough to get back on my feet.


Chorus Repeat

Instrumental close.

This man is on the run emotionally. He's been betrayed and shattered, and is seeking refuge in the only place he can find, a new lover's embrace. His request isn't malicious or salacious. He's asking for help. He's asking for healing. He's asking for a haven. Love can be that. Even though it may seem at times that one should be alone to recover from heartbreak and loss, it is (at least) occasionally better to have a partner in recovery. "Someone's arm's to hold (you)". That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Key Lesson: Love is the great healer. Also see Willie's classic, "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" for testimony on the restorative powers of love. Maybe this isn't the path that YOU need to take out of heatbreak, but it is a perfectly valid one.