This Afternoon I Love

This afternoon sitting on my wife's couch and playing with my youngest son, I am aware of several things I love.

I love this iPhone. It enables me to write wherever I am, to keep in touch with my friends no matter where they are. It captures my memories and chronicles my achievements. It is my datebook, my address book, my encyclopedia, my dictionary, my personal assistant, my expert advice and my entertainment system. Oh, it also makes phone calls.

I love Bite SMS, the jailbreak app I rediscovered today. It allows me to quick reply to texts no matter what app I'm currently using. It shows me contact photos for the person I'm texting and looks good doing it all.

I love my two boys (what, you thought this was all about my iPhone?). They are exciting and funny, beautiful and intelligent, brave and loving. They are the apples of my eye.

I love my apartment. The too-small tub and the leaky faucet. The gigantic hall closet and the bare walls. The great big TV and jungle of cables. It's all mine. And I love it.

I love my recliner. It's well-worn and comfortable. It's like an old friend who knows me so well, we don't have to discuss anything, we just understand each other.

I love my job. I get to write, talk on the radio, meet people, do some traveling, be involved in the production of media, and spend time with a lot of wonderful people. There's flexibility, opportunity for advancement, reward for consistent good work and a friendly environment.

I love the theatre. I love standing on a stage and hearing and feeling an audience's response. I love the collaborative process that it requires. I love the musty smell of an auditorium.

I love football. I love fantasy, ESPN, sportscenter, HD, DVR and score notifications.

I love "The Walking Dead." It's the best ongoing comic book I've ever read. It's engaging, surprising, scary, funny, sad and beautifully drawn. I can't wait for the AMC TV series.

I love this blog. It gives me a place to share my thoughts and feelings and get feedback. It's simple, expandable, flexible and perfect for me. Thank you, Posterous.

I love the people who take the time to read the things I write. I'm not sure who you all are, or why you bother, but I appreciate it. I know you exist, and that helps me make myself keep writing.

Good day, everybody. Love something yourself.