Angry Birds vs. Angry Judah

I LOVE video games. I LOVE technology. I LOVE my son, Judah (not in that order of importance, incidentally). So imagine how much I'd love it if they all combined?

The video below was shot tonight. I had to post it immediately, because I was far too excited about it not to share it with my buddies. It occurs to me recently, as I began thinking about Judah and Remy at 17 and 19 years old, that Judah (and Remy) may come to absolutely detest me for how much I posted about them as kids. Then I remembered that they're MY kids and will most likely be attention-craving-centerofattentionaholic-masculine little drama queens just like me.

Last night, I played "Angry Birds" for iPhone while Judah watched. We often do something with the iPhone or iPad as part of our "winding down" pre-bedtime routine. We read, we talk about our day, we play with the iThingamabob. That's just how we roll. He really liked it and laughed everytime the birds would smack against whatever it was that I shot them at, or the pigs would blow up (if you don't play this game, this paragraph must sound absolutely ridiculous). Tonight, I thought I'd let him play using our iPad since it would give him a bigger screen to cover with toddler nastiness. Here's what happened:


In case the audio is a little fuzzy at the end of the video, he says, "I'm playing 'Angry Birds'." Yep. That's my little nerd.

Other things Judah can do on the iPad/iPhone: shrink/expand the screen with the "pinch" guesture, turn the volume up and down on videos, lock and unlock the screen and pay my rent with direct draft through my online banking app. Alright, I lied about the lock/unlock screen thing, but otherwise, the kids a practical Stevey Jobs!

Anyway, I got a kick out of it, I figured some of you people would too. Let me tell you, if you own an iThing and HAVEN'T bought "Angry Birds" from Rovio, what are you waiting for? I know you've got $0.99 and these pigs aren't going to smash themselves!