30 Years and One Happy Morning

I'd like to be clever and say that I didn't post this blog yesterday because I was trying to avoid the cliche of writing about the event on the day of the event or some such. That'd be nonsense.

I didn't post this blog yesterday, 'cause I didn't write it yesterday. I got busy...and distracted...and a little lazy.

So, here goes.

30 years and a day ago, the two people who are the most important figures in me being me stood before God, family and friends and made a commitment to one another. Jim and Jamie said that they'd love, honor, obey, cherish, and generally "stick with" one another until death. That final parting is still a ways off for both of them, I hope, but so far, they're doing an excellent job.

Yesterday, Mom and Dad celebrated 30 years of marriage together. Has it been easy? I think if you asked either one of them, it's one of the harder things they've ever done. I also think they'd tell you it is by far the most rewarding thing they've done. And the rewards aren't just for them. My brother, my sisters, my children, nephews, niece and I are all blessed because of their commitment and love. In a world where change is constant and nothing seems to last, they have. And that is definitely worth celebrating. We (the family) has an example of what real love is like. A couple that spars over dinner plans and bill due dates, but still smooches when no one is looking (and sometimes when they are). A couple that jokes that about needing a break from one another, but can't stand to be apart for more than a couple of days. True love. Is it perfect? It's human, and so no, it's not. But it is exactly what the movies tell us to dream of and hope for. It's what singers have sung about since words were formed, it's what my mom and dad have. And I'm so thankful that I'm old enough and wise enough to recognize it.

Here's to you, Mom and Dad. I hope your 30th year was as fantastic as your first, and only half as wonderful as your 50th will be. I love both of you so much. Thanks for everything, but mostly thanks for loving one another. It makes the world (and my world especially) a better place to live.