For My Mothers


Happy Mother's Day! To all who are, were, will be, or may someday be a mother. Anyone who knows me knows that I was raised by women (not to downplay the strong male figures I had in my life like dad, Papaw etc.) and love women more than your average guy does. I have a deep appreciation for everything you do and are, all of you, and today is your day whether you have children or not. But, this blog is for my three living mothers.

Nana is where it starts, because she's the matriarch. Without her, there'd be no Jamie, and without Jamie there'd be no me. That's about as fundamental as it gets. She's been there for our family since before we were a family and since long before I was even a whisper of a dream of an idea. We owe her more than we can ever repay and the only currency we have to make good faith payments on the debt is our own lives. I try everyday to do things I know would make her proud. I hope when the story is over and I can be weighed in the balance she finds it worth her hard work. I love you, Nana, and hope you have a wonderful day!

Mom, you're not only the primary care giver during my formidable years, you are the guidepost by which I judge my potential romances, the compass by which I live my life and the anchor when I'm cast adrift by my wrong choices and the hand of fate. Thank you for your support, your time, your energy, your love, your prayers, your money, your cooking (even the stuff I don't eat), your advice and your willingness to let me make my own way without, "I told you so" waiting for me at the other end. Your much better than I deserve, and as with Nana, I just hope in the end I make you proud enough to justify all your hard work. You have my heart, my appreciation, my respect and my fondest wishes for a wonderful mother's day.

Ella, you and I may not be together, but you are still the third mother in my life. As mother to Judah and Remy, you've given me the two greatest gifts I could have ever hoped for and never imagined. Thank you for the gifts and talents you bring to the hardest job any woman will ever take on. You are the greatest mom I could imagine, and there's no one I'd rather be sharing the job of raising our two precious sons with. Thank you for them, and thank you for working with me, even through our differences. Happy Mother's Day, Ella.

If you haven't already wished your mom, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, aunt, sister etc. Happy Mother's Day, feel free to crib some of my stuff and pass it along as your own. Mother is a tough job, it's not terribly rewarding a lot of the time, and the payoff is a long long time coming. Be thankful for the women in your life today. Without them, none of us would be here.