The Juggler's Lament

I'm a man of many passions. Many interests. And many responsibilities.

I'm a dad. That one's first and foremost. I've two beautiful sons that I adore and like to spend as much time with as possible. They're growing so fast and I know in just the blink of the eye, they'll be "grown and gone" so to speak. I'm trying to be with them and enjoy every moment that I can. It's so much fun to watch them grow and learn, and experience things for the first time again through their eyes.

I'm a salesman. I'm a rookie at it, but I'm trying my best to establish good habits that will serve me and my clients (and the company) for years and years to come. I'm excited about my position because unlike so many other sales jobs, I'm not trying to talk people into anything they don't need. I am helping businesses grow their business and fatten their pocketbook. If I do it well, I'll fatten mine and my boss' too. It's a win-win-win.

I'm a writer. I've been leveraging that talent (and my tech experience working with our old personal website) to help push one of our stations, ESPN 97.7 into the 21st century. Creating and promoting our??Facebook page, creating and linking up an official Twitter account and bringing a focus for daily original blog content on our website. I'm writing for the site myself, but also shepherding the other staff members to get everyone contributing. That's been really fulfilling, and is an exciting part of my daily job right now.

I'm an actor. For the last 15 years (more than half of my life) I've been on stage pretty much all the time. I'd been back in Ruston for about three days (not literally, but it was pretty quick) when I got involved in the current production at Louisiana Tech. "Fiddler on the Roof" is a wonderful show, and I couldn't bear the idea of not being involved once the opportunity presented itself. I'm playing Lazer Wolf (which is among other things, the greatest name in broadway history). I'm singing, dancing, acting the whole nine.

And of course, I'm a consumer. I like to watch tv and movies, read (books and comics...I know, I'm a nerd), listen to music, and follow the expansion and explosion of new media that the web has brought us. The above mentioned stuff doesn't give me a ton of time for consuming. I'm focusing on being a producer right now and knowing that when things slow down (when I'm dead I guess) I'll have some time to catch up on the fourth season of "Dexter".

So, become of fan of us at ESPN 97.7, read our blog??if you're a sports fan, and keep your eyes peeled to this locale for as much from me as I can give you. Just know that I'm skipping a rerun of Seinfeld to write this!