What I'm Thankful For

For my faith in God and that I don't have to elaborate on it or hide
it to please my friends.

For my family. The ones I am with and the ones I'm only with in spirit.

For my sons. The best thing(s) I'll ever be responsible for.

For my wife. The prettiest, funniest, smartest woman I know.

For my friends. The ones I see all the time and the ones I only get to
see online.

For my job. Everyday, there are more and more people that don't have

For my house. We don't own it, and won't be in it much longer, but for
now it keeps the rain off and the cold out.

For my iPhone. It may seem silly, but it's the way I'm able to share
this with you, sitting in my in-law's living room, holding Remy.

Happy Thanksgiving!