The Origin of "Who Dat?"

Finally, "Who Dat" became part of a chant for fans cheering on their favorite team. It has been debated exactly where it started, but some claim it began with Southern University fans either in the late 1960's or early 70's and went "Who dat say they gonna beat dem Jags" - Southern University being nicknamed the Jaguars. There's also those who claim around the same time it began at St. Augustine High School, an all boys Catholic high school in New Orleans for African-Americans. It then quickly spread to New Orleans Public Schools. Then in the late 70's fans at Louisiana State University picked up on it. In 1983, New Orleans Saints fans adopted it during the tenure of coach Bum Phillips. In 1981, the Cincinnati Bengals fans and players started with the now famous "Who Dey" cheer. It was also adopted by wrestling fans of the Junkyard Dog, who wrestled locally in the Mid South Wrestling area in the early to mid 1980s.

While the debate goes on as to who gets to claim to be the originators of the now famous "Who Dat" cheer, the one thing all agree on is it began in southeast Louisiana in the New Orleans-Baton Rouge area.