Movie Reviews by Joel: The Wolf Man (1941)

As a kid, I always loved horror movies but was also a big scaredy-cat. The classic Universal Monster Movies were a way that I could have my cake and still get some sleep.

Having already seen the Scorecese version of "Cape Fear" as well as "The Terminator" (terrifying the first time I saw it) my Mom rented the 1930's "Frankenstein" and Lon Chaney Jr.'s "The Wolf Man."??

My opinions of "Frankenstein" have been so coloured by my experiences with "Young Frankenstein" that it's hard to remember what it felt like the first time I saw that one. But, "The Wolf Man" is still fresh. I loved it immediately. The atmosphere created by the claustropbic (and foggy) set design, the doomed man performance by Chaney and the easy to remember and impossible to forget rhyme all are etched in my memory.

Today, as part of the Halloween season and in honor of the latest trailer for the impending remake starting Benicio Del Toro, I rewatched my beloved monster movie. Everything is there even 20 years later. It's still moody, still just a little cheesy and still 100% enjoyable.

Judah and Remy are still a little young for monsters, but when they're ready, I know what their first will be.