Some people remember it as the year Prince likes to party as if it??were (diagram THAT sentence). Some people remember it as the year Snake Plisken escaped from??New York (remember when '99 was "the future"?). Others remember it as??the year George Lucas raped their childhood. I remember all those??things, but I also remember my first new car. My first personal??computer (our family had one for ages, but this one was MINE). But??mostly, I remember it as the year I graduated High School.

Growing up in North Louisiana in the southern equivalent of a factory??town (a paper mill town), I went to private school my whole life. This??wasn't fancy pants private school like some of you may imagine. It was
mostly a way to ensure that we wouldn't be taught about birth control??or too much about evolution. It was also to help ensure we'd have??small classes and one on one time with teachers.

My Senior class was tied for the largest class ever from PVA (Prairie??View Academy) with 51 students. With just 51 in our class, we could??throw a party and actually expect (and sometimes get) everybody to show
up. Obviously we had cliques, (how can you not if you have more than??three or four people together) but our cliques were mostly accepting??of each other and there was a lot of crossover.

This weekend is our tenth anniversary. For the past two or three??weeks, I've been trying to decide how that makes me feel. For one, a??little old. It's been 10 years since I was a punk kid, raring to get??out of my parents house and start my "real life" in college. It's been??10 years since I started college. Naive and excited about the wide??world before me with the "big city" of Ruston as my playground.

10 years ago, I was a pre-law student.
10 years ago, I listened to rap music almost exclusively.
10 years ago, I'd never really been in love.
10 years ago, I didn't like beer.
10 years ago, the most important point on my resume was "National Honor??Society member".
10 years ago, I'd never acted in a play outside of my local community??theatre.
10 years ago, I'd never left the country.
10 years ago, I'd never lived alone.
10 years ago, I'd never paid rent.
10 years ago, I was nobody's "daddy".
10 years ago, I was a kid.

A lot changes in 10 years.

On the one hand, it seems as if high school was just yesterday. On the??other, it seems as if I've lived a dozen lives since then.

I can't wait to see my classmates. Those people that I shared that long ago life with. I imagine that their list of "ten years ago" is
similarly entertaining. I can't wait to talk about it over a cold beer.