Today's Top Five: Reasons Why Judah Needs to Win this Swingset (a great site I recently joined is giving away this awesome swing set from Kid's Creations. Here are the reasons Joel Judah needs to win:

5. Every boy needs a swing set. - What better way to pretend to be a pirate...or Indiana Jones...or a kid that's got an awesome swing set? (alright that last one wouldn't take much imagination, but still)

4. It'll get years of use around Casa del Awesome. - For those that didn't know (and who are these people?) not only do we have one Awesome rugrat running around the house, Awesome Cadet #2 is on the way in July. We're talking eight to ten years of solid use from two boys before they decide it's too "baby" for them and start pining for dirt bikes and powered scooters (do kids still want powered scooters? I'm really out of the loop).

3. I'm an excellent put-er-together-er. - It's true. I've got the certificate from the Dad's Institute of Putting Together to prove it. Sure that institution isn't recognized by the State and may, in fact, be a complete figment of my imagination, but that doesn't make my skills any less potent. Just a couple of weeks ago, I put together a 30th Anniversary "Cozy Coupe" in just three and a half hours. The box said it should take around 30 minutes, but those people have shoddy workmanship. When I put something together, I put it together right...and often have lots of pieces left over.

2. As transients, the tent at the top of the slide will give us a place to sleep. - Since my job may soon end, and we've yet to find a new one, I figure Team Awesome is about to have to pack up and hit the road for greener pastures (or abandoned houses). Until we find our next place to squat, we can all share some family togetherness at the top of the slide. Who wouldn't want to faux-rock-climb into bed every night and slide out?

1. It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing. - So said Ella (not the wife, but the lovely jazz singer who often partnered with Louis Armstrong), and I believe it. I could put a slide, a wading pool, petting zoo, jungle gym, flying jenny and a ball pit in the back yard, but it wouldn't be a swing set. Don't let me disappoint the kiddo and ruin my chances for father of the year! I gotta win this swing set for Judah. Ella said so (my wife, not the talented jazz singer prone to scatting).  

If you'd like to enter (but not to win, 'cause Joel Judah is going to do that) follow the links above.