Today's Top Five: Things I Would Rather Happen than "Chuck" Getting Canceled

5. My job to end. - This one sounds ludicrous until you realize that it's probably going to happen anyway. My company is scheduled to end their work in August, and while it's possible that it will continue on under another organization, things don't look good. So, I'm willing to throw this onto the heap, NBC. I'm already looking for new employment, now I'll just be able to sleep easy at night knowing that after I get done with a hard day of standing in the bread line, I can watch "Chuck" through the window of the electronics store while I rock Judah to sleep in his grocery cart.

4. The Zombie Apocalypse - Again, this might sound extreme, but it's sort of in the "foregone conclusion" stack too, right? You know there are a couple of nerds in a laboratory deep in the jungles of South America working for the government on the T-Virus even as we speak. The government wants supersoldiers, the corporations want mindless worker-drones and it's just a matter of time before you Uncle Albert is trying to eat your brain. Shouldn't we at least have some of Morgan's antics to laugh at after taking head-shots all day?

3. A Work-Stoppage in the NBA - Sports Leagues are governed by Cooperative Bargaining Agreements, which setup the rules for how the teams and players interact. The NBA's is coming due soon. If it doesn't get renewed, eventually the NBA will go on strike. It happened once before in '98-'99. It was disastrous, and another one could effectively kill the NBA. My favorite player, Lebron James, is in his prime right now, and a strike could be the difference between him earning another ring or not (he's getting his first one this summer). I'd chance it though, if I knew that I could get another season of Chuck...and maybe if NBC would start airing some NBA games with Marv Albert as announcer again. Those were the days.

2. Sell my Wii - I don't have as much time for video games as I have in the past (having a kid will do that to you), but I still love Nintendo. For the money ($10) there is nothing better than a few games of the new Dr. Mario with your wife at the end of a long day. But if NBC tells me that $300 would keep "Chuck" on the air next season and perhaps beyond, I'd box it and the games up and sell it through Amazon Marketplace tomorrow morning. (I'd have to get in one more game of Dr. Mario!)

1. Cancel lots of other shows - "CSI", "CSI: Miami" and "CSI:??Albuquerque" should all get the boot. So too should "Samantha Who", "Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives". If we want to turn to NBC (who doesn't have many shows that are good enough to stick around) I'd even go so far as to say that "Heroes" should get the boot before "Chuck". I'm a comic book guy, and I love "Heroes" even when it is crappy, but "Chuck" has been good from day one and has consistently gotten better. Now, just as the story is really going somewhere and we're beginning to see what Chuck's life could be longterm, is not the time to yank this show. Don't do it, NBC. Fire Jeff Zucker or Howey Mandel or whoever it is that's been running a once proud network into the ground and get behind the shows you have that are good. They are few and far between.