Today's Top Five: Superheroes

5. Superman - He can fly. He has ice breath and heat vision. He has unlimited strength and near unlimited speed. Also, he can fly. But, he has lame stories. He may be (arguably) the first of the modern superheroes, but he just barely makes the list of greatest at #5.

4. Daredevil - He's like Batman but blind. BLIND!!!! He's a lawyer by day, and a??crime-fighter??by night making sure that no one evades justice. He's got some of the coolest??villains??(including his arch-enemy Kingpin) and the coolest girlfriend/villain/partner Elektra. Ignore the movies and just check out the Kevin Smith or Frank Miller comics. Daredevil rocks.

3. Spiderman - He's a teenager (or was anyway) with super-powers. He's the geek that makes good (in the most amazing way possible). How can you not love him? Besides, he can "(do) whatever a spider can," what more do you want?

2. Wolverine - He's the best there is at what he does. And what he does is awfully cool. His impending movie may not be all we hope it will be, but regardless the decades of great comic stories will remain. Wolverine is my favorite superhero by far, but even I'll admit he's not the greatest.??

1. Batman - The greatest superhero is a regular guy. Or as regular as you can be when you're a multi-billionaire who's trained his body to the peek of human ability and his mind to genius levels. Batman was one of the earliest comic book heroes and decades later he's still the greatest. I think the thing that makes him so wonderful is that unlike a Superman or Wolverine, we could (theoretically) be this guy. He just works hard and is focused on making his little corner of the world a better place. Maybe I should take up acrobatics.

What's your list?