Today's Top Five: Reasons I'd Lose a Pinky Toe

An outstanding website, Soul Pancake, posed this question today: What five things would you give up your pinky toe for?Here is my answer in no particular order.

5. Permanent, free, top shelf healthcare for me and my family. - No pre-existing conditions, no deductibles, no co-pay and our choice of doctors.

4. Get out of debt free card. - No student loans, no car note, no credit card debt. As of tomorrow morning, we'd start with a clean slate and a sparkling credit score.

3. Free education for the whole family. - Ella and I have always said, that if we won the lottery we'd probably spend the rest of our lives taking college classes. This way we could, even without the lotto. Of course this would also include Judah, Baby Awesome #2 and any future Awesome children.

2. Our dream house. - Not only the right floorplan with the right yard, but in the right location with enough cash on hand to furnish and finish the place like we'd want to.

1. A successful career as a writer. - At least one good shot (large print run and a??sizable??promotion from the publisher) at having a hit book. Because all you really need is one hit big enough so that someone somewhere will pay you to write from then on.

I wanted to stay as realistic as I could. Things that theoretically someone could give me in exchange for my toe (although that would be a creepy dude). That meant no world peace, no goodwill toward men and no immortality. But all of the things on this list are things I wish I had. They are things that I would work for, sacrifice for, even give up a toe for.

What's on your list?