Today's Top Five: Dwarfs

5. Sneezy - You know what's funny? Somebody sneezing in the middle of a complex task and having to do the whole thing over again. Get's me every time.

4. Sleepy - No need to ever feel bad about being unproductive when you got this dwarf around. You thought you were lazy, but this dude can't even handle a couple of hours down in the diamond mine without falling over asleep.

3. Dopey -??Do you like Harpo Marx? Well, you're gonna love this little fella. Also, as shown in the picture below, he's got birthday cake. What's not to like about cake???

2. Doc - Since you have one possible narcoleptic in this group of dwarfs and another that may or may not be infected with some form of cold/flu/seasonal allergies, it's just a good idea to keep a doctor around.

1. Grumpy - At the end of the day, if you want to get those diamonds out of the mine, you need somebody to crack some skulls and put this ragamuffin group to work. Grumpy's your man...or dwarf...or whatever.

My apologies to "Happy" and "Bashful". Sorry, fellas, it's the end of the road for you. Keep workin' it out though, maybe next year.