Today's Top Five: Under-Appreciated Sports

5. Curling - Sure, it's mostly sweeping ice, but you can get a gold medal in it. You ever gotten a gold medal for sweeping?

4. Bowling - I don't mean professional bowling. That is over-appreciated. Nobody cares about the winner between the guy who bowls 297 and the guy who bowls 295. I'm talking about you, your buddies and "bumpers." Who can bounce it off the bumpers the most times and still hit 3 or more pins? That's bowling. 

3. Table Football - One of the few remaining sports where the player is responsible for creating his own equipment, Table Football (also known as "Paper Triangle" football) is more than a sport, it's an art form. Also, it's an excellent way to waste time during Algebra class.

2. Yodeling - Some might say this isn't a sport, but I say that Hockey isn't a sport. I say tomAto, you say pajAma! Give me in depth coverage of Helga trying to bring down Sven "The Golden Uvula" over a bunch of Eastern Europeans hitting each other while chasing an Oreo cookie any day.

1. Facebook Stalking - Everybody does it. You've got five friends you actually converse with on a regular basis, maybe twenty more that you're excited to reply to their status once a week or so, and then 300 people you knew once, who you only "be-friended" so that you could see how fat they got when they had a baby, or how ugly their wife is. You know it's true, I know it's true. I just think we should bring it out in the open and start handing out medals for it.